Stock Trading
Online Stock Trading
Central Wealth Securities Investment Limited has been committed to provide diversified and convenient trading securities services. In addition to the usual way of Telephone Orders transaction, the Client may choose to take advantage of online trading services provided by the Company. Online transactions in addition to the phone orders, Clients are easier to get stock market quotes and to enter or change at any time at the convenience of trading instruction. Client account balances itself, shares, buy and sell orders in the case of execution can always easy to grasp.

Clients who require the Company to provide online trading account applicable to its electronic services, Clients must sign a " Terms for Electronic Trading Services," and please read the signed contract information and Client statements.

Online Trading should Know

  • When the company receives clients application of online trading services, generally within three working days notice in writing to the Client to confirm the opening of online trading services. Client after receiving notice of the company according to the instructions to Login Online Trading Services and enter your account number and password.
  • To protect the Client, the client must change the online account password to a unique and difficult to guess passwords after first login. Client should also pay attention to the combination of a password can identify input capital and small letters.
  • Client shall proper collection and preservation account password should not be disclosed to any party. To protect Clients, we recommend that Clients change their passwords from time to time.
  • If the account password is login by unauthorized person to use for the unauthorized use, client should take full responsibility for unauthorized transactions.
  • If the Client login online transactions, wrong password five consecutive times, online trading accounts were immediately frozen.
  • Client online trading accounts were frozen because of the above reasons or lost their account password, please call immediately at (852) 3958 4600 or fax to notify the company at (852) 3958 4666