Asset Management
Our Strength

Our Strength

Core Team

The asset management team consists of fund management talents who have a comprehensive study and understanding of financial markets in both mainland China and Hong Kong. They are experienced and proficient in various investment products and services with excellent investment performance.

Collaboration and Support

CWSI has been proactively engaged in the primary market of China USD bonds and has underwritten over USD 10 billion of bonds in 2019. Most of the issuers are LGFV, SOEs and real estate enterprises with good credits. CWSI is experienced in onshore and offshore capital markets with extensive global sales network. Based on the overall strength and competitiveness of Central Wealth Group, CWAM can provide a large number of high-quality investment targets with manageable risks and attractive returns for clients.

Support from Research Team

The research team of CWAM has been constantly tracking onshore and offshore macro-economy and industry sectors. The research team has set up its high efficient and effective research system, which provides strong support for prudent and efficient investment strategy of CWAM.

Risk Control

CWAM has risk control procedures in place for overall management, investment research, transactions, personnel management, compliance and other aspects. It had established a comprehensive risk management system and an independent risk management team to govern the investment team, achieve risk control and protect the integrity of investment decisions.